The State of Michgan now allows the sale of liquor, beer and wine on Sunday between 7:00AM and 2:00 am on Monday.Existing Licensses must apply for this new license with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission MLCC

On November 17, 2010 Governor Granholm signed into law amendments to section 111 and 113 of the Michigan Liquor Code.Theses anmendments allow for the sale of liquor, beer and wine products between the hours of 7:00 am on Sunday and 2:00 am on Monday, commonly referred to as “Sunday morning alcohol sales” or “A.M. Sunday sales”.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commision will soon be issuing forms for application to the MLCC for this new license. It is expected that  there will be a rush of licensees applying for the long awaited Sunday Morning alcohol sales license also known as the AM Sunday sales license. A copy of this new law is located at:

If you would like some assistance in applying for this new MLCC license or for any other action with the MLCC please call Ed Shuttie 248 288-2080 ext 1

Also pursuant to an additional amendment to MCL 436.1113, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alcohol sale hours have been changed. The sale of alcoholic liquor is now prohibited between the hours of 11:59 pm on Decmber 24th “Christmas Eve” and 12:00 Noon on December 25th ” Christmas Day”. The MLCC is not required to issue a permit for these sales- it is now an allowed activity. However, you should contact your local government to determine if there are local prohibitions on alcohol sales for these legal holidays.

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